Sunday, August 14, 2011

Water Bottles

A review of SIGG bottles
SIGG Blooming 600ml (8263.10), Junior Eco Warrior 300ml (8227.00),  & Swiss Cross Black Touch 1litre (8025.50)
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I've been using reusable water bottles for years now but have been recently lucky enough to be given SIGG bottles for the whole family.

Initially, I was impressed with the variety of visual designs and size options available. My partner, who used to be a product designer, was impressed the aesthetics of the masculine Swiss Cross Black Touch 1 litre bottle, and has proudly taken to work everyday since receiving it.

Mine is cute, and a convenient 600ml size which fits into any of my handbags easily. I was curious as to whether SIGG would actually live up to it's claims about having no odour or metallic taste that can occur in some metal drinking bottles, and it did - neither my partner or myself could taste any metallic taste, or smell any odours.

A month on, my 5 year old stepson,  is still enthusiastic about using his little Junior Eco Warrior bottle - which is impressive considering how quickly he can bore of things.  He chose to take it to Kinder for 'Show & Tell'  and talked with his class about how using his new bottle 'helps the animals in the ocean' (not suffer from plastic pollution). He can easily turn the drinking nozzle himself, and it has a protective cap on top that keeps the drinking piece clean. Having him drink out of the bottle is a great way to keep track of his liquid intake, and it travels with him every time we leave the house.

A SIGG bottle is definitely on the higher end of the price guide, but their quality, environmental and health consciousness is superb, and it doesn't take long to save money when compared to regularly buying water in plastic bottles.  I highly recommend getting a reusable bottle you enjoy using daily and feel good knowing you are reducing plastic pollution ;-)


  1. I just want to say how much I admire seeing someone living their values no matter how hard it is.

  2. Hi Gina,
    I'm was really inspired by your story when I saw it on television last week as we have been trying to reduce plastics and waste generally in our household. I was just wondering where you got the metal food containers they filmed in your freezer? I have a few of the pyrex ones but those metal ones look great, I think I've heard of similar ones in India but have scoured the internet to no avail.

  3. Hi Gina,
    I love that you are taking on this immense challenge. I have been sort of half serious about reducing my plastic use for a long time but more recently I have been making a bigger effort to cut out all of the unnecessary plastic from my daily life. One tool that I have been using for a while is my Kleen Kanteen. I see that you and your family are using Sigg bottles and I was once the proud owner of one of these great little bottles myself until the woman who was to become my fiancée showed me the light. She informed me that the Sigg water bottles were not as safe and environmentally friendly as they claim to be. The are made from aluminum and so need to be lined on the inside with a mystery coating so that your drinks and your body are not exposed to traces of aluminum which has been linked to causing diseases of the brain like Alzheimer's. The mystery liner of the Sigg bottles as I have gathered from my research is made from some type of plastic and I also noticed that bits of the liner flaked off and May have ended up in my gut which was the last straw for me. I have been using Kleen Kanteens ever since and have been extremely happy with their products. I have no affiliation with their company other than being an incredibly satisfied customer. I highly recommend you investigate this issue and make the switch.

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